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December 22, 2015

Phishing – the weak point in secure payment systems

Most secure payment systems are automated processes which ensures the buyer safely on their sites. Those walls of protections are indeed high and breaching them requires some major computing power...


December 20, 2015

Subscriptions and recurring payments

Most people use recurring payments as a way of paying bills and other monthly fees. But for a clever entrepreneur it could be used as a way of gaining more...


September 29, 2015

That system called global payments

Let’s talk about the potential. Everyday a lot of new customers is very exciting – they can lead to a new level of prosperity, and its called global payments. But...

Merchant service

June 23, 2015

Online paying services

The number of online business constantly grows. Besides, the number of transactions being done online grows as well. So, the online payment methods were to develop too. There is a...

Credit card processing

June 22, 2015

Credit card payment process

The number of online transactions constantly grows. And the amount of online paying methods grows as well. The popular way of payment is credit card. What it is? A small...

Payment gateway -

June 20, 2015

Gateways to pay

The more and more companies move to the internet. As the popularity of e-commerce grows the new methods of payment were to be developed. There is quite a lot of...


June 17, 2015

Paying via internet

The development of the internet expanded our borders. We can trade through the internet. We can even pay through the internet. Especially, the credit cards appeared. So, epayment is becoming...